Color Combination Guide Pages

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Stampers around the world ask me all the time: "How do I put colors together?" That is a GREAT question and I struggle with that as well! That’s why we put this FREE color guide together to help you.

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I always need a stash of go-to color palettes when I get creating, and finding just the right combinations can be tricky. That is why my ink collections are formulated to help crafters easily make coordinated projects with matching saturations and tones. I hope this guide helps you make beautiful cards with colors that match perfectly. ~ Hugs! Catherine

What Is In The Guide?

1 2 3

The first 3 steps I always take when I start a project so I know the colors will be perfect.

Three ink colors

Pages and pages of project inspiration and color combinations to fit every mood and recipient.

Single Card

 Project links so you can take a deep dive on the cards that catch your eye.